Short Cons: How to Turn $10 into $20

October 15, 2007 at 11:35 pm | Posted in cons | 25 Comments

It’s the old “10 for 20” trick. You can try this at any cashier and they’ll never even know they’re being conned. Here’s what you do:

1. Hand the cashier nine singles and ask for a $10 bill.

2. As the cashier gives you the $10 stop the transaction and say you think you only gave them $9. It is absolutely critical that you…

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  1. i dont get it

    • That’s the point…

      • Well then don’t try it then or your really won’t get it

  2. neither so i…

    • Great, now just get a job as a cashier!!!

      • Another qualified cashier!!!

  3. neither do i

    • Wow a whole bunch of cashiers!!!


    • If the cashier is taught correctly they will put the nine dollars on not in the till after counting it in front of you and alerting you to the amount as in now that is nine dollars that I counted right? in case of problems you money is not mixed with theirs, they will not hand you the $10 Bill until they have dealt with the nine counted bills as they don’t want to mix your money with their float. But if they don’t count the $9 in front of you and vocalize $9 to you then you are away especially if they put your $9 in the till without counting it

  5. conman21 u seem to know the fundamentals. very respectable. change raising ex cetera. Email me at my dummy account at luvemilyevans at

    • How are you going to do this one in Canada we don’t have one dollar bills and everyone almost always counts coins

  6. this is good trick i watched it on a series called hustle it was really cool

  7. Quite a popular one, this. Several variations, especially in USA where all money (bills) are same colour and size.

    Another one I found (rare, but very clever) is where a con-artist pays for a small item (under $5-10) with a 100$ bill. After receiving the correct change, he takes a 10$ out and asks the cashier if he can pay with this instead, as he doesn’t want so much change… The cashier is tricked into giving back the 100$ bill and instead being paid from the change that they have already given out! Profit to the con artist: $90-95 a time.

    By FAR the best info on hustles, cons, swindles, scams and rip-offs is to be found on the BBC TV series Hustle, and its off-shoot ‘The REAL Hustle’. Both can be found and downloaded off the net, if you use a torrent client such as BitTorrent… Enjoy!

  8. Works everytime! Best if you do it on a nite out when a pub is buy or summat!

  9. i have seen this before its a good little con in America but hat about England, where we have pond cos ad not notes?

  10. Its quite simple after you read over.

  11. and if the cashier counts the $9/£9 before getting the tenner out of the till, then you’re stuffed…

    • then you abort no harm done

      • Yeah then you say “Oops, I guess it was only $9…”

  12. good one. any more simple cons ?

  13. It’s a good one that’s for sure. And you are spot on with “Hustle” Except most of the stuff is long cons.

  14. I really can’t believe this works, especially since most places would count the money before handing any over. I guess if they do then you haven’t lost anything, but you haven’t gained nothing either. Still, if you could work it 10 times a day you’d be on a decent screw.


    • I don’t think you could make a living off doing this anyway…

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